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Amanda's Gods and Myths of the Ancient Civilizations
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Etruscan Goddesses

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Goddess of love and the underworld. Pictured as a nude woman.


Goddess of night and death, personification of growth in nature. Similar to Greek goddess Artemis.


Goddess of personal immortality. one of the Lasa.


Fire and fertility goddess.


Goddess of agriculture.


Goddesses who guard the graves of believers. Often seen in the company of Turan, Goddess of love. Sometimes pictured with wings. Their symbols are the mirror and the wreath.


Goddess of the Moon.


Goddess of knowledge, war, and justice. Seen with a helmet, shield and spear. Counterpart of the Greek goddess Athena. She is the predecessor of the Roman goddess Minerva.


Goddess of fate and fortune. Her symbol was a large nail, and at the beginning of the new year a large nail was driven into the wall of her sanctuary.


Goddess of childbirth. Often seen with Tinia. He may be her consort.


Goddess of the dawn and of childbirth. Similar to Roman goddess Aurora.


Demoness of the underworld. A frightening, winged creature, with snakes for hair and the beak of a bird.


Goddess of love, health and fertility. Usually seen as a beautiful young woman with wings and accompanied by the Lasas. Her animals are the pigeon and the black swan. Similar to Roman Venus.


Goddess of the cosmos and the supreme goddess of the Etruscan pantheon. Wife of Tinia. Similar to Greek Hera or Roman Juno. Son is Hercle.


Demoness of death, and she who assists the dying on their deathbeds. She serves as the herald of death. The eyes on her wings can see all, and she is omnipresent. Her attributes are the snake, key and torch.



















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Amanda's Gods and Myths of the Ancient Civilizations